m is for may day…and mother’s day!

may day

we made these flowers on may day (though several kids said i should bring these supplies out to make their mamas flowers next week!  but we will do a new project…hopefully as fancy as years past).

may day

this is a very simple eye-hand coordination activity. pre cut flowers with holes punched in the middle fit perfectly on straws!

may daymay day

we also made may day baskets out of folders (folded in half, glued on the bottom half edges). the children cut on two lines to create the handle (which fits just so on a door knob).

may day by you.

writing and decorating was optional.

may day by you.may day

after snack time, the children usually head out into the classroom for work time or project time. not today! after snack the preschoolers went for book time (when they sit in our circle time corner and look at books together) while i hid the flowers.

may day

my favorite hiding spot.

may day

then we did some math to figure out how many flowers each could find…and they were off.

may day

no pictures at the end, but trust me they were cute with their baskets of 5 flowers each. : )

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