m is for mexico

there were a few children who smiled a little bigger, walked a little taller, seemed to grow a little more as we honored mexico.  one little friend said, “hey!  i know that place!  i know it!”  i know she does. : )

there was a simple three column worksheet to color like the mexican flag’s colors.

cinco de mayo

someone donated a set of 1964 (!!!!!) junior encyclopedias that came in useful for flag comparing.

looking for mexico's flag

we have a little song we sing too:

cinco de mayo is a special day (clap-clap)

it makes me think of mexico in a special way (clap-clap)

cinco de mayo is a special day (clap-clap)

we love mexico is fun to say!

One thought on “m is for mexico

  1. lovely (I like that word tonight, or . . .your posts just make me think that word! Every child should feel this way: “hey! i know that place! i know it!”



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