i is for indonesia

more than half of our current preschoolers were here last year and had ms. viliya as a teacher.


with limited success, we skyped each other.  it was nice to see a glimpse of each other and hear that familiar voice.


after all, i is for indonesia!


2 thoughts on “i is for indonesia

  1. so sweet. i didn’t think that you will keep your drawing of an island in Indonesia, but YOU DID!

    Thank you for remembering me. i should have taken some pictures too so i could put them in my blog, but i didn’t do it :( well, next time, i’ll express how happy, excited, and joyful (but also sad) i am when i talk to you all. i miss all the preschoolers and the teacher.

    p is for preschoolers

    t is for teachers

    l is for love

    h is for hope




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