q is for quiet

it will be quiet here for a bit.

i deleted my ENTIRE iphoto library and have had a data recovery program humming along trying to get them back since thursday (had to start over 3 times).

so just imagine the jumping, the stump turkey, the jewelry making, the jasmine rice ball eating, the massive jigsaw puzzle J, the spontaneous experiments in static electricity.

oh, i hope the images come back and i can show you.

6 thoughts on “q is for quiet

  1. I just found your site (I think through Toad Haven) and I’m hooked. I have a three year old, a two year old and I care for another girl who will be two in March. Even though in our state, children don’t legally have to attend school until they are six, I have gotten over fifty questions about where my son (3 yr old) will start school this year. We’ve always intended on homeschooling and I find your site AMAZING. I’m hooked and am eager for more pictures, more ideas and more fun!! Thanks for such a great site and being willing to share what you do!



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