k is for kansas

kansas turns 149 today (and no, i did not stay up until midnight to post this…i usually do a bunch of posts and schedule them for later).

butter time

our  kansas celebrations this week include making butter to eating zweiback brought by families.  its such a simple process, i don’t know why i don’t do it more often.

we used fancy local cream that came in a glass bottle, poured it in another jar and shook, shook, shook.

butter time

butter time

suddenly you hear a thunk, thunk, thunk and you know the butter is flopping around in there!

butter time

we sang happy birthday by “candlelight” (thanks for the inspiration, tom!) and enjoyed our feast.

butter timebutter timebutter time

it’s been a cozy week.

6 thoughts on “k is for kansas

  1. I’m one of those idiots(?) who never write things down from year to year. I think it helps keep things fresh, but this post makes me want to slap my forehead. We used to make butter in class, but I’ve completely spaced it for a couple years. It’s easy, fun and AMAZING! Thank you so much for serving as my memory!


  2. How do you get so many ideas for activities with your children, I really am very much in love with the way you work with the children, I want a peek in your head to see how the plans are tumbling around, so I cab see I’m not the only one with a tumbling head full of ideas!!!!!


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