r is for relaxed

things i notice and love:

kids lounging
no shoes
some coming, some going, some staying
tidy floors
a preschooler-modified schedule board

i don’t know what we were doing, but i like it.

7 thoughts on “r is for relaxed

  1. I especially enjoy those “quiet” times with my class, and they are 8 and 9 years old. I find that every “too scheduled” event is becoming less desirable in our class, and we much more enjoy the rotations I have set up. Everyone gets a lot more done, I get to focus much more on helping those who need it, I get to challenge more, I get to observe more, and most importantly, I also get to model the behaviour I like to see. During reading time, I read. I do some work during rotations too.
    We get on well during those much more relaxed times. Why not, I ask?

    Have you found that those things that seem to be (more) acceptable in pre-schools are often frowned upon with older children? I certainly have! Yet some of the best ideas come from the early childhood area!


  2. Got this as an email midmorning.. Loved it. I was snuggling with me kiddos.. shoes off, coffee near by- heaps of this and that.. loads of smiles- learning takes all shapes!



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