v is for volcano

oh, what a week it was!

3d volcano

one of our projects was crumpling a piece of newsprint (from the local newspaper) and having a teacher put a piece of masking tape around the top to create the volcano’s “opening.”

3d volcano

then more tape was used to adhere it to a piece of matboard.

3d volcano

then we used our finger muscles to tear tiny strips of lava.

3d volcano

then glue made that lava stick!

3d volcano

3 thoughts on “v is for volcano

  1. These are both great ideas! I have tried many types of playdough, and have found the home made salt dough is the bext. What makes it fun is what you use to play with it. I really like the idea of using the funnel cones. This week we are using plastic bugs.


    1. i agree! the tools with the playdoh are often what counts. i used the flour/salt/oil/cream of tartar recipe for this (plus half a container each of red and orange paste food coloring).



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