v is for volcanoes for one

this was a great way to spend a friday.


we were outside with a slightly strange looking volcano.

getting ready

we used up the rest of the baking soda and vinegar.

good times


even i was surprised!


again, the expressions are wonderful:


after we did a few group experiments, we brought out the individual supplies:

bottoms up?


there was an impressive amount of restraint:



and a lot of excitement!


6 thoughts on “v is for volcanoes for one

  1. Ha! Just saw this and thought “maybe you are responsible for all my friends being stuck” around Europe!
    Looks like fun :)


  2. We made big volcanoes with wire and duct tape last year for the Kids Fair. We used pvc pipe at the opening and found ping pong balls big enough to fit tight in the opening. When the volcano erupted the ping pong ball popped up in the air. It was awesome but tricky to get the right combination of baking soda and vinegar and get it put in and the ball on top fast enough.

    I can’t wait to try adding soap when we do science week in 2 weeks.


  3. Have you ever tried adding dish soap to your eruptions? I learned this trick several years ago. Instead of a sudden eruption, the vinegar and soda reaction agitates the soap into a froth and and it slowly flows from the volcano. We also add orange or red liquid water color.

    One year I bought a couple gallons of vinegar and several large boxes of baking soda and just let the kids go to town in the sensory table. I’d forgotten all about that until seeing this post. Now I’m really excited to to it again next week! Thanks!



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