c is for creek

well, we said it was w for wading in the water since it was w week.

getting in

group wading

there is a beautiful trail with a creek on the other end of town.

running the trail

the weather cooperated for two of the three scheduled field trip days.  we have one more trip to take on the next warm and sunny day.

connor and max

i bought water boots for the kids.

sunny boots


and then took pictures of them…all lined up.


these were mostly for foot protection (there is plenty of broken glass) since they’d fill up pretty quickly. : )



daniel's little sister

water break

eliza and wormwade in the water children

along a little trail we found a (college?) built tee pee.  perfect size for these little friends.

tee pee

there are oodles of photos, so many more to sort through…but these give you a sense of what it was like!

wednesday class

9 thoughts on “c is for creek

  1. How WONDERFUL!!!!! (Let me know if you ever want me to come out to help with a program…water education is my “real” job)


  2. I love this adventure! Kids really don’t do this much anymore and it is so nice that you show it is possible and fun to do. I used to hang out down at the creek all the time as a young child!


  3. Kristen, what a great creek adventure – and the kids must have been so excited to find the teepee. I love the pictures of the gumboots all lined up in a row.



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