2 thoughts on “d is for directions

  1. oh yes. then do this at 2 in the morning, pulling an all-nighter in the office before going on vacation, bop out of the office to file a few more things, forget what the setting was, startle when the smoke alarm goes off. Open nearest doors for air and try to shush alarm. Get call from hospital (like why is the phone ringing at 2 a.m.?) that it’s a direct line to the fire station, here’s the # to call if there isn’t anything wrong. Muffle voice when making call. Call back to hospital and ask if it should just be disconnected? Oh no, only someone from maintenance/engineering can re-set, here’s the # to page. Wake up someone who is 4 times your size, speaks only words that have been filtered through testosterone. Wish that you would not have to see them every day the rest of your career. Wish that your career could be elsewhere when he arrives and notes that an incident report has to be filed every time an alarm goes off. Try to figure out (more paperwork!) what category “opened smoking popcorn bag under alarm” fits in. Return to original paperwork, still hungry.



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