e is for earth day

more paper plate earths, but this time with sparkly gold paint added to the blue to make a sparkly green:

earth day 2010 - 3

earth day 2010 - 4

earth day 2010 - 5

and now to show you what happened after all the earths were done:

earth day 2010 - 6

earth day 2010 - 7

most importantly, we’ll be outside this earth day…collecting trash, walking in the rain, noticing things.

happy earth day 2010.  here was earth day 2009.

10 thoughts on “e is for earth day

  1. Hi!
    I make an activity similiar.
    Before long I will write my activit in the mine blog.
    I used plastic’s dishs. In them, the children, we had stuck compost that them had picked.
    Very nice!
    Best regards,



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