r is for rainy walk

rainy walk - 01

since it wasn’t a good weather day for our creek field trip, we took a walk in the rain instead.

we took a wagon and let the youngest kids ride first (and longest).

rainy walk - 02

rainy walk - 03

we made sure to dress for the weather in school boots and fuzzy pink hats. : )

once we got to the busy intersection of first street and main street, we checked out the signs.

everyone got a turn to press the button…

we looked toward the traffic light to check the signal:

rainy walk - 08

see, there is an orange hand telling us DON’T WALK

rainy walk - 09

then, oh the excitement, the signal changes to a person figure telling us to WALK!

rainy walk - 10

(i admit i held my breath until we were all across…i forgot our walking rope which we usually hold on to during busy street crossings!)

rainy walk - 11

one benefit of not holding on to the rope:  you can make your arms like airplane wings.

rainy walk - 14

we passed a preschool friend’s house on the way back.  we knew her dog might be waiting at the window…and he was!

rainy walk - 15

hello, waffle dog!

rainy walk - 16

finding a big empty tree trunk finished up the walk…then we got under covers for story time.

rainy walk - 17

thank you, ms. carol, for documenting our rainy walk!

3 thoughts on “r is for rainy walk

  1. oh, this is unreal. i have been fans of both this site and whatever for a year, at least!, and never put two and two together – even when Meg talked about the preschool’s activites. OF course, they are the same.



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