g is for graduates

the local newspaper prints photos of all the graduating preschoolers in the community along with responses to “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  our conversations involved more than simple answers, that’s for sure!

a hairdresser (who does ponytails)
a soccer player and a doctor
a ballerina dancer
a scientist that studies earthquakes
a dog rescuer and trainer
a race car driver (like my dad)
a soccer player and race car driver and grain truck driver
a truck driver that delivers things
a dog doctor
a race car driver
a violin player (with a bigger violin)
a teacher
a dancer on stage
a princess (the real kind)

i will miss these dear children and their families (except for the few who have younger siblings coming back!)

5 thoughts on “g is for graduates

  1. Years ago I ran a preschool and I used to ask the same question. Once a 4 year old little boy told me he would be a paleontologist or “the King of rock-n-roll”! He was incredibly smart AND completely obsessed with Elvis! :)


  2. What a beautiful idea and a wonderful way to celebrate the transition from preschool. The photos are just gorgeous. I love it when little kids tell you what they want to be when they grow up. I have one little fellow who wants to be a stuntman or a spy.



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