f is for forsythia

i saw this on line somewhere and can’t remember where (let me know if it was you!).

yellow forsythia - 4

during Y week, we focused on flowers and forsythia give us the perfect yellow blooms.

i drew a light pencil line of branches and the children painted over with brown watered down paint.

yellow forsythia - 3

those dried very quickly and then we added scrunched up yellow tissue paper for blooms.

yellow forsythia - 5

yellow forsythia - 7

yellow forsythia - 6


One thought on “f is for forsythia

  1. YOu saw something like this on the blog That Artist Woman, she did a fall tree where you use watered down paint and blew the paint with a straw. The backgound was different-colored watercolors. There were also some other tree ideas on this blogsite.



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