g is for graduation decorations

we kept it fairly simple this year.  i tied one piece of fabric between two columns in the sanctuary.


then we had more strips of fabric for the preschoolers to tie on.  if tying was too hard, they could simply drape the piece over and someone else would come tie it (so cooperative!).

May 10 468

it was stunning…but not nearly as stunning as nearly 30 preschoolers in rainbow sunglasses.  i bought them here.  we also stuck with our tradition of buying felt graduation caps for those going to kindergarten.  sweet sweethearts.

May 10 544

the evening was finished with a popsicle pot luck.  the weather was perfect.  good goodness.

One thought on “g is for graduation decorations

  1. Color-wonderful! Can’t get any better than the rainbow. Great curtain. But the clincher are the caps and glasses… yep, I think all graduates ought to have that kinda outfit! =)



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