b is for (do-it-yourself) balance bike

we altered this bike back when my own son, micah (now 8), was four and after watching eliza (now 5) teeter on the training wheels, we did it again.  the first step is taking off the training wheels.

then taking off the pedals.

now she’s working on balancing.  we’ve had fun remembing how micah flew around flintstone style.  there is a movie somewhere.

now imagine this magnified for preschool:  a bunch of these for kids to hone their balancing skills.

if you have an extra little bike to give preschool, we’ll do our pedal removing trick on them!

let me know.

3 thoughts on “b is for (do-it-yourself) balance bike

  1. Kristen
    I just have to tell you an odd coincidence. I showed Rob these pictures of Eliza with her peddle-less bike, and about 2 hours later, Allyson came running in the house yelling, “Max can ride his bike without training wheels”. Sure enough, he taught himself on his sister’s little purple bike and has not stopped riding. We will have to get the two of them together this summer for a bike ride.



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