z is for zoo cages (on paper)

zoo cage project - 3

i had a bunch of animal cards that we use for sorting, classifying, etc.  i decided to sacrifice a few of them to make realistic zoo cages.

zoo cage project - 2

we had a discussion of zoo rules that we know about or that we think should exist.  we talked about why animals are in cages which led to a broader discussion of respecting animals.  then we went outside and chose some animals to put in cages.

zoo cage project - 4

this is simply taking an animal card, cutting off the name, gluing on the animal card, gluing bars over it, adding the animal name.  insta-zoo!

zoo cage project - 1

3 thoughts on “z is for zoo cages (on paper)

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    Thanks for writing!

    I am definitely going to come around very often.



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