p is for pioneer sculpting


well, we weren’t pioneer purists in our sculpting.

wood time

i gave them tape.

wood time

but with this wood table being offered as an often unsupervised “work time” station and there being 19 preschoolers, i wasn’t ready for hammers and nails.  i think the museum visitors probably appreciate that as well. i planned on having this wood table on the first day of camp only…but it lasted all week.


i wish i had photos of all the amazing sculptures.  there was impressive symmetry and wood balancing!

wood work

most of the clothespins disappeared from the wash line by the end of the week. : )

2 thoughts on “p is for pioneer sculpting

  1. I love it Kristin – what kind of wood is it? It is light balsa wood? Whenever I’ve tried tape and wood it doesnt seem to work. There is often times when our woodwork table isn’t supervised, and rather than not have it at all this would be the perfect alternative.



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