p is for pioneer laundry

dress up

a simple line of string nailed to the wall worked great as a laundry line!

washing day

we had two kinds of clothespins and lots of laundry to hang.  i think the most significant topic of conversations (and most applicable?) to the preschoolers lives is ELECTRICITY.  PLASTIC is a close second.  so, way-back-when laundry meant no washing machine, no dryer, no plastic bottle of soap, no dryer sheets, no vinyl coated wash line…

washing day

i was surprised how popular this activity was.  note to self to hang one in the preschool classroom next fall.

dress up

dressing up in the way-back-when clothes was fun…even our teacher friends had a good time.

dress up

i buy bandanas for each child to take home.  before the last day they are used as aprons, blankets, towels, and capes for all the “super pioneers.”

family corner

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