a is for apple rolling

i had in my lesson plans to do apple rolling in a small dishpan.

apple rolling - 07

then i noticed our lego box and thought that would provide a nice long run for two kids to do together.

apple rolling - 10

then i realized how heavy it was and wished it would rock like a teeter totter.

apple rolling - 08

then mr rob made it rock like a teeter totter.

apple rolling - 06

apple rolling - 11

apple rolling - 09apple rolling - 03apple rolling - 04apple rolling - 05apple rolling - 01


apple rolling - 02

10 thoughts on “a is for apple rolling

  1. I LOVE this idea! We’ve done golf ball rolling before and it was a big hit. I’ve been on an apple-themed craft kick lately and this would fit right in! Love your blog!! If we lived in your town, I would be doing everything I could to get my son in your class. It sounds WONDERFUL! :)


      1. Great Idea!!! I too have used many different balls to make roll art paintings, I have place golf balls in containers with paper taped inside and place a cover on it. And have the children shake it! and see the result. But i Love the apple Painting



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