6 thoughts on “s is for school family

  1. I love your blog! How did you do this composite? If you have time, I’d love to know..I’m pretty camera/computer savvy..so you don’t have to include every detail. Did you use picasa?


    1. i upload photos to flickr (which is how i put them on the blog all the time), create a set of them, then go to bighugelabs.com and use their “mosiac maker” by entering my flickr set address to create the mosaic. there might be another way to do it, but this is how i do! it sounds complicated now. : )


      1. I really love your posts and all ideas. It is so kind of you to share this very smart way of creating photo mosaic.Thank you very much!


  2. hi!i am writing from turkey from a little town called Bodrum.i own a little school called patika and discovering your blog was a delight for us.thank you for sharing all your good ideas and i hope you don t mind us adapting some of your ideas in our school fot little turkish children have a nice nice year and enjoyed yourself as much as i enjoyed myself with little children



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