5 thoughts on “9/11

  1. and that’s the little prayer blanket the kids helped me make a couple years ago! How powerful to think of each child wrapped in prayer and looked at like that. (even if the holder might be imagining it’s a puppy – we do what works to bring compassion to the front, eh?) In preparation for the last post on the InDevelopment blog, I was reading about Menninger’s incredible efforts to get continuity of meaningful psychiatric support for the troops he’d been responsible for in WWII. It is so clear from that work how solidly and passionately he believed that what a child experienced, especially how much love s/he got, would determine future function. We’re past blaming “refrigerator mothers” for autism but we know even more about how our adult reaction patterns arise from preverbal feelings of safety and love. The good news that we know now is how much the brain wants to repair early deficits – and so it is also true that the relationships into which we live as adults can increase our capacity for genuine compassion and shared joy.
    So the B side of your quote is “Be the change you wish to see”, including paying attention to the good. thanks for all you do to help us in that direction!


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