c is for corduroy (lost his button)

we spent c week with the book corduroy.  since corduroy lost the button for his shoulder strap, we used buttons in our room.

buttons - 07

there was a lot of scooping and sorting this week.

buttons - 02buttons - 03buttons - 04

i taped colored paper to a piece of plexiglass (simply because that’s what was handy) for another sorting spot.

buttons - 06buttons - 05

:: :: :: :: :: :: ::

i think it is sad but true that there are no photos of the completed green overall project we did.


the children painted a big piece of paper green, then we cut it out to be little overalls.  there was already one button glued on.  then the children acted like lisa from the book and found corduroy another button.  mr. rob was the button store owner, i was the hot glue sewer.  good corduroy fun.

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