h is for humbled

i know grace and mercy have a lot to do with the wonder and safety that is preschool.  i know that we prepare spaces for children to explore in.  i know we can often sit back and watch them take those spaces over.  today i recognized how much there is to be grateful for.  two little boys found themselves in the middle of the fairly busy street that runs next to our playground.  thankfully one of the boys’ moms was driving by.  thankfully the oncoming truck stopped.

when i realized what had happened, talked with the mama, i made a plan.  i could promise that what happened today would never happen again.  i know where to stand.  i know where to make sure the kids are.


i am grateful it didn’t take tragedy to remember how easily accidents happen.  and how often grace and mercy do too.

12 thoughts on “h is for humbled

  1. i agree with the person that says she never does as good as you do! one time i didn’t lock the gate good enough on the preschool playground, and a herd of boys ran out! keep up the good work! this can be a draining job, and all your ideas are fun and fresh! i would totally want you as my daughter’s teacher!


  2. Oh, I can just feel what it must have felt like in your chest, and your throat, the moment you noticed what had happened. I also can imagine the grace and respect you lent to the situation in dealing with it. You are loved!


  3. Unfortunately…I am a member of your club. I had a child leave my room to find his mom outside this year. It has been a rough start for him now. Thank you for posting this. Accidents do happen. And we are lucky to have grace and mercy on our side. Move into tomorrow with your head held high. Know that you are an awesome educator and do your best with the children each and everyday.


  4. I am so thankful too that the children were safe! You are such a blessing to me and I know you are a blessing to the children and families you serve and care for!


  5. You know, I usually read your blog with admiration and thinking I can never do as good a job as you do. For you to admit this happened and that you are humbled only adds to my admiration for your work. You are human, you love your students with all your heart, and like each of us, you are not perfect. You are responding the way we want our students and our own children to respond when they make a mistake – take responsibility, figure out how to solve the problem, and move on with joy and a humble heart. Bless you!


  6. I had a similar experience happen to me today, too. I am so thankful no one got hurt. We need to have eyes in back of our heads! Take care.


  7. Angels are always watching over us! Do not be too hard on yourself…this could happen to anyone of us! Thank you God for taking care of the children :)



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