c is for christmas tree decorating…preschool style


for a few years now we’ve used our big stringing beads as ornaments on a little artificial tree.  however, “little” is relative.  the top of the tree is hard for some to reach.  what an honor to witness some careful problem solving:


there were three friends actively involved in getting the orange bead off the top of the tree.  after stacking the mats, one stood and reached…


one held the mats…



one protected the tree from falling (nevermind that i think he could have reached right up to get it)…


and then the mat holder who turned out to be tall enough got the orange ornament.


you did it, friends!




3 thoughts on “c is for christmas tree decorating…preschool style

  1. Absolutely precious. I wish I could just come spend the day at your preschool sometime. It seems like the most magical place.


  2. I am a preschool teacher at home today, knocked out by some ‘bug.’ It brought a smile to my face to see these pics of the children decorating the tree, so precious on many levels!



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