l is for (makeshift) loft

before the fire of 2002, we had this.  it was d.r.e.a.m.y.


lately we’ve been seeing the children’s desires to climb and perch and hide…


we embraced it.


for a couple of weeks we used some of our tables, blankets and shelves to make a loft-type structure.


i do miss our old loft a lot, but this worked for while.

6 thoughts on “l is for (makeshift) loft

  1. My daughter is highly sensitive and very anxious, and climbing and hiding help her to cope. She would adore this! Congrats on a greta future project.


  2. aahhh yes… i’m currently making a proposal to my director to try and get a loft into our room. the other possibility is having my handy husband build one for us, if he can find some space to build in. in the meantime though, i might see what we can rustle up using the furniture we already have…


  3. I read your blog everyday and everyday it makes me want to go back to work. I love how you go with the flow and allow the kids natural curiosity and interests take over, there are many a teacher who would not allow the kids to make their own forts in school. Bravo to you!



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