s is for school family conversation

that is what we call it….every time.  it’s quite a mouthful, but it has stuck.  when we sit for snack time, there is a lot of straggling in as kids finish washing hands, then we all settle and it’s loud.  then we announce what food there is more of and what has been given all out, etc.  then we announce that it is “school family conversation time.”


mr rob or i will ask a question or pose a “what would you do if…” scenario.  sometimes we’ll simply invite children to tell us whatever they would like.  it brings a warm smile to my face to hear children talk who started they school year with very few words.  in fact, the older kids catch on too and recognize the new surge of language.  such is the joy of a multi age class.


dare i say this can feel a lot like home for me?  it can be hard to listen to each other and to save our ideas, but it is important.  we started passing something around to “talking stick” style…for us it was the magic mushroom.   and really, when i hear a preschooler ask for “school family conversation time,” i remember the purpose.


3 thoughts on “s is for school family conversation

  1. Hello. I am writing to thank you for your blog posts and inspiration. Also, I am wondering if you would post a list of questions that might spark the kind of school family conversation that you describe. As part of my circle time with a group of 4 year olds, I have been trying a “talking stick” and a question of the day, but I am struggling to come up with questions that really engage the children. I’d love to read some of your examples to get ideas. Thanks again!


  2. I have quietly been reading and enjoying your blog for the past few months. I too spend many of my days with pre-schoolers providing one to one childcare and can relate to many of your comments. I can hear your appreciation and affection for the children in your preschool and your blog reflects this. Thank you for sharing wonderful pictures and simple reflections on the world as seen through the eyes of your students. Deep peace.
    (I live in Kenora, Ontario Canada, just north of MN)



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