k is for kansas day!

• kansas day 2011 • - 03

complete with a tornado, shoes turned ruby with glitter, a big map, wizard of oz tunes and sunflowers we honored our state’s 150th birthday!

• kansas day 2011 • - 13

• kansas day 2011 • - 07• kansas day 2011 • - 12

• kansas day 2011 • - 01

the children were invited to draw with chalk on our map…more trips taken as the week goes on.  we took it as an opportunity to introduce the concepts of north, south, east and west.  there were a lot of trips to an area northeast of hays, as you may see.


oh, and a pink princess party to the east of manhattan.

• kansas day 2011 • - 14

it’s been a week full of fun activities…stay tuned.


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