r is for valentine rainbow

well, it is R week.  it is also our week to celebrate valentine’s day.  so, we present you with a valentine themed rainbow made of rectangles.

valentine rainbow - 1

we looked at a real rainbow online, read the definition of a rainbow in our dictionary, heard the concept of good old ROY G BIV, discussed shapes and tried to figure out which shape word started with that R sound,  then moved to valentine colored rectangles.

valentine rainbow - 2

valentine rainbow - 3

a glue arch was made, covered with one color of their choosing, then another arch was made.  older preschoolers were succesful in taking leftover papers back when they picked up a new color, there was a bit of exercise added in.  sometimes i intentionally have things positioned far away so they simply have to walk farther!

valentine rainbow - 5

i also think it’s a good brain work out…to have to remember why it is you are walking past the blocks and puzzles….oh yeah, to get that pink paper.  i need more work outs like that.

valentine rainbow - 4

r is for rainbow, no matter the color scheme.

p.s.  we have officially moved to letting the children use sharpies to write their names just like the teachers would.  so far so good….i think…families, speak up if not!

2 thoughts on “r is for valentine rainbow

  1. very sweet and lovely open projects! I love em. I also let our kiddos use sharpies and they love love love to use them. It gives them ‘power’ and I have noticed that the kiddos that don’t like to draw as much, want to more when the sharpies are out. :) …that is one of my fav books…grat project to go along with it.



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