m is for multiples

so, it seems to me that anytime there are multiples of a certain item, especially if they are small enough to fit in a tiny hand, there is increased interest.  we’ve had a tub full of rubber spiders, a basket full of matchbox cars, a box full of plastic eggs.  now we have a basket of 15 tiny babies and 15 small blankets (thank you, thrift shop, for what was thought to be a stack of washcloths).

my greatest lament is that all the babies look alike with their rosy pink skin.  i’m on the look out for tiny babies of other skin tones…any ideas?


7 thoughts on “m is for multiples

  1. I found a few at Walmart that are similar in size to the ones pictured but with harder bodies. My walmart had 3 different skin tones in stock and the dolls where on sale for $5 each!!! Lovely photo, good luck on your hunt :)



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