t is for tornado


march 7-11 was severe weather awareness week.  that was easy to tie in to T week.  first up:  thunderstorms and tornadoes. we started and stopped music to coordinate scribbling (emphasis on SCRIBBLING) to.


(and then we used the magic eraser to get our textured tables clean)


after scribbling time we cut a tornado shape from our paper, duct taped a donated plastic stick to the middle and it was tornado time!


this demonstrated perfectly that a tornado is “just” wind.  and when you concentrate really hard and get your tornado going back and forth really fast…there is wind!


you can almost feel it, eh?


in our conversation about thunderstorms we also revisited the concept of “chunks” with T+H:


here is T, here is H, pound them together:  THHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

(and did you know that dry erase markers wash off skin really easily?  i didn’t until this week)

3 thoughts on “t is for tornado

  1. Hi! Your blog is amazing and I often visit to just get a boost of energy. I have a strange question: What do you keep in those two “community” drawers? I see them on your carpeted area in several posts and I always wonder what you keep in them. I am a home provider and I have a couple of extra drawers just like those and I wonder what you keep in there. :)


    1. ha! what’s funny is i’ve looked in those drawers wondering myself.

      but as of late i store supplies for our birthday celebrations in one, alphabet cards in another, milk lids in another (the children play with these from time to time), and that leaves a drawer that i don’t know! now i’m curious…i’ll check tomorrow. : )



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