t is for (rock) turtle and tallest tower and t dad

turtles • t week - 4

well, there are no photos of us actually DOING this project…that gives you an idea of how springy crazy it was in the room.  but, the end result was just as fun.  those turtles got a lot of action in the room.

turtles • t week - 6

we used little rocks from the playground, green liquid paint (and then food coloring when the liquid paint ran out), a paper base of head and legs, coloring with crayon, drawing stripes and shapes with permanent marker, teacher hot gluing eyes and body/shell together…the turtles were born!  we watched turtles hatching from eggs on youtube too.  pretty cool.

turtles • t week - 5

and we had a dad come for show and tell (and the whole morning) since his name started with T.  he looked JUST like a turtle hiding under that green blanket. : )

turtles • t week - 1turtles • t week - 2turtles • t week - 3

mr. lennon’s-dad-toby also helped build the TALLEST TOWER of the school year.


can you believe this tower lasted through the next two days?!?!?

(trust me…the kids really were having fun…maybe i just took too long focusing the camera)

6 thoughts on “t is for (rock) turtle and tallest tower and t dad

  1. amazing!keep the good work going..love to explore & use your ideas in my learning with the kiddos.:)
    puja,Amiown ,Noida(India)


  2. That picture is priceless! I teach pre-k as well and have been adoring your blog for almost a year! I finally had to comment because my boys were also into tall tower building this week! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas, every time I use one I get a zillion compliments and direct people to your blog! :)



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