m is for mardi gras beads

mardi gras preschool style - 5

so what do you do when a retired kindergarten teacher grandma gives you HUNDREDS of mardi gras beads?

mardi gras preschool style - 2

well, you find tubs and assign colors to them using a piece of paper…and you sort!

mardi gras preschool style - 4

and you sort.

mardi gras preschool style - 3

and you pick up as many as you can at once.

mardi gras preschool style - 1

and you get on the table so you can reach better.

and when mardi gras is long over and your teachers move them to the hooks you hang them up.

leprechaun trap - 1

and when mardi gras is even further in our memories, you use some green ones to make the leprechaun trap even trickier. (more photos of this to come!)

leprechaun trap - 2mardi gras preschool style - 6

and most importantly, you wear them.  proudly.  several at a time.  no matter how old you are.

oh, and everyone can take a bunch home.

thank you, grandma lois.

7 thoughts on “m is for mardi gras beads

  1. What fun to see them enjoying the beads! We had fun sorting them when we came home from New Orleans .. so many ways to sort, too! And, isn’t it fun to just dig deep into Bunches of Beads & feel them smooth & bumpy, just dripping through your fingers! They are meant to be shared .. that’s how we got (caught) them! Actually, for us .. Mardi Gras is about Fun, Families .. and I just realized .. it’s a lot about Sharing!

    Gma Lois


  2. I was also going to suggest cutting them up. I make a variety of lengths so the kids can use them creatively on collages.


  3. Preschoolers are the best at finding multi-uses for anything! Just when you think something has served its purpose and it will no longer be used, a 4 yr old will find yet another reason to keep it a bit longer! Thanks for being the kind of place where imagination can grow and grow…


  4. Fun, fun! We put them in the sensory table with scissors and let them snip away–then we have lots of individual beads to glue on to collages.


  5. to add a few more
    …you bring them home to give one to everyone in your family.
    ….they become decorations for stuffed animals, cars and train tracks
    …they hang around your bed post so they can be seen.
    …special ones even make it into your jewelry box.



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