a is for april fool’s day memories from home

from home:


a little glue-as-milk-bowl-of-cheerios started the day.
the kids were so cranky and tired,
this was the one smiling moment of the morning.
no foolin’.

april fools day cheerios and glue

then a fake ponytail and huge paperclip earrings to preschool


the best april fool’s joke yet.

cream in the glue container

i washed and filled a glue bottle with cream…then added it to my coffee while preschoolers were watching…hee hee hee.

drinking glue?

in naomi’s lunch…an orange

is it an orange?

…filled with orange candy.

hee hee hee orange candy

micah informed me this morning (after a fake banana, colored cereal milk and pudding as milk) that he knew all of my ideas before i even did them.

april foolin' mama

i’ll stick to preschoolers then.

please, if you are out there and have april fools ideas,  tell me.


cookie burger

i like having friends who call to say, “do you have green food coloring?…i need it to dye coconut to make pretend burgers…and i bought a lot of stuff so you can come make some if you want.”

april fool's burger

hee hee hee



jello in a cup with a straw.  sneaky.

:: :: :: :: ::

then i turned our after school snack silly.

want some french fries?

oh, they don’t look cooked well enough?

well, that’s because they are apples peeled and cut to look like french fries and caramel dyed red.

it was good to see delight.  and truly trick my kids.


stay tuned.  hint:  it involves rocks and cool whip.


4 thoughts on “a is for april fool’s day memories from home

  1. Love your ideas! :) For my class snack time I told them we were having coffee and donuts. I made chocolate milk and then poured it into the coffee carafe…their faces were classic! “But my mom won’t let me drink coffee!” heehee!! To get some of them to try it I had to tell them they couldn’t have their donut until they took a drink of their coffee. :)


    1. oh yeah!!!! i’m doing this next year!

      we have coffee available all day for families and staff so this would fit in PERFECTLY! i only will i didn’t have to wait a year.

      : )



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