c is for computer

at preschool we have a few “real” toys as they call them:  a cash register, an alarm clock with the flip down numbers, a rotary phone, and this keyboard.


i’ll never forget the day last year when i found the keyboard seemingly undisturbed, but upon closer look:  all the keys were in different places, turned around, upside down, etc.


talk about a fine motor work out!



(i thought his would be a fitting post after almost a week  of my internet being hit or miss.  things seem to be better now…that in itself is a mystery.  so hopefully i can catch up a bit in this space!)

4 thoughts on “c is for computer

  1. We’ve used a keyboard in our classroom from time to time; they love it. I also brought in an old laptop and they could “really type.” That was a BIG hit.


  2. I never thought of letting kids go to town with an old computer keyboard. I am totally going to buy one when I go to the thrift store next time. My little guy is always trying to get to my laptop keys, and I think he ate my #7 key. So thanks for the perfect solution!!



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