a is for april fool’s day preschool style


april fools • preschool - 01

well, friends, it’s nice that corey brought us grilled cheese sandwiches for snack today.  i’m sorry that all our cups are missing so i guess you’ll just have to have glue to drink.  april fools!  it’s milk-NOT glue!

april fools • preschool - 06

and april fools again…it’s CAKE AND FROSTING not GRILLED CHEESE!

april fools • preschool - 05

april fools • preschool - 04

there were quite a few refills…and quite a few drooping eyelids as they drank bottle style for the first time at preschool.

april fools • preschool - 03april fools • preschool - 02

:: :: :: :: :: ::

we used this template for a sneaky coloring/red paper volcano project:

v week • preschool - 78

we scribbled and colored to make the shape look like a plain old mountain.  then we taped on an exploding lava piece of paper that could fold behind until we said BOOM!

:: :: :: :: :: ::

april fools • preschool - 07

hey, friends, we’re going to do some finger painting for group time today.  we’ll use these plates because they are nice and sturdy.  it sure is a nice blue color, isn’t it?  let me check something…..(then i dipped my finger in the paint and tasted it…oh WIDE eyes!)

april fools • preschool - 08

april fool’s!  it’s pudding NOT paint!

april fools • preschool - 09april fools • preschool - 10

the perfect place for letter writing, scribble making, yummy finger painting.

april fools • preschool - 11

:: :: :: :: ::

thanks to some of your comments, i can’t WAIT for next year!  share more ideas, please!

3 thoughts on “a is for april fool’s day preschool style

  1. I’m not sure how I came across your site (I think I was looking for journal ideas.) I’m a Pre-K teacher in Indiana, and while our programs are pretty much polar opposite, I LOVE what you do. Your site is amazing, and I will be borrowing LOTS of ideas I came across. Your school looks amazingly fun! Thanks for sharing :)



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