w is for wood sculptures

w week • preschool - 07

we used random wood pieces collected over the years for a little wood + glue free for all.

w week • preschool - 05w week • preschool - 02

and if there was any doubt that using a glue bottle is good for those hand muscles, take a look at this photo:

w week • preschool - 18

i love it!

w week • preschool - 08

7 thoughts on “w is for wood sculptures

  1. Love the sculptures! This is on my list to do soon – except we’re breaking out the glue guns again. Teacher Tom has converted me to glue gun for this type of activity! :)


    1. thank you. other than the paper plates i brought from home, this didn’t cost us a dime. we’ve had wooden pieces donated over the years, glue donated at the beginning of the school year.

      but if i was to go purchase all those wooden odds and ends, it would have been! so, that means i wouldn’t have done this project. : )

      so often i look at what we have and make a project out of it….like so many others do too!


  2. this is my kind of art project! child-directed and open-ended fun! and your photos are gorgeous. you’ve reminded me that i’ve been planning to collect little wood bits for just this sort of thing — thank you!



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