v is for volcano

v week • preschool - 02

v week • preschool - 01

v week • preschool - 56

:: :: :: ::

by mid week most kids in the classes knew that we had to mix vinegar with baking soda to make our volcanoes erupt.  but by looking at the bottles it wasn’t clear which was vinegar and which was water…so, we had a smell-test:

v week • preschool - 09

v week • preschool - 12

closing your eyes can help focus on the smell.

v week • preschool - 11

v week • preschool - 14

then we made the volcanoes ERUPT!!!  over and over and over again.

v week • preschool - 69

there was some ear covering in anticipation…

v week • preschool - 23v week • preschool - 30

and by the end of the week mr rob and i had perfected our technique…we almost hit the ceiling!

v week • preschool - 73

v week • preschool - 70

v week • preschool - 75v week • preschool - 74

yeah, volcano time!!

8 thoughts on “v is for volcano

  1. Can I be in preschool again and come to your class? If I didn’t live so far away I’d be tempted to sign my kids up for your class, even though we are having a blast homeschooling: that’s how highly I think of your class and your teaching through the eyes of this blog!! Keep the great ideas and the creativity coming!! We all love it!!


    1. okay, perfected technique:

      it’s all about the opening. we ended up using the top of a water bottle/pop bottle (cutting the top off at the neck) and then punching a hole in the lid.

      this way we could have the baking soda in another bottle, quickly add the vinegar, then very quickly hold the cut off bottle/lid (hold it on really tightly!) and all that pressure shooting through the lid made it fly way up high!

      you can see the bottle/lid thing in the last few pictures.


  2. Yeah, I know how to maek the fizz, but to get that height I think you need to get some pressure built up – how did you do that?



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