v is for van

i brought our little wooden van from home for the week.  there were quite a few doll house people and animals getting rides.

v week • preschool - 76v week • preschool - 77

then we moved it to our paint box and used it lever style.

v week • preschool - 39

eventually we added paint…known as “lava” since we were big into volcanoes this week!

v week • preschool - 64v week • preschool - 63v week • preschool - 62v week • preschool - 42

:: :: :: ::

v week • preschool - 50v week • preschool - 52v week • preschool - 47

we also had our own van with chairs as van seats, fabric strips as seat belts, diaper bags loaded up, car seats installed (i kept turning the “carseats” backwards but they would get turned back…), a paper plate and rhythm stick steering wheel mounted on our ironing board.  it was a busy place!

v week • preschool - 43v week • preschool - 44v week • preschool - 59v week • preschool - 45

and just like some real babies, this baby was brought to circle time still in her carseat.

v week • preschool - 68

6 thoughts on “v is for van

    1. ha! just this morning we had a table full of kids thrilled to be offered work sheets. but you are right, we almost never have them.

      : )


  1. I dont´t have a blog :-( . I wonder if you could tell me some things about kindergarten education in your country so I can see the differences. Sorry my bag english. Thank you, Rita.


  2. Hi, my name is Rita, i’m from Portugal. I follow your blog and i love your posts and activities with children. I’m a kindergarten teacher.
    Kind regards,



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