x is for x week props


thank you, families, for helping us make x week even better.  new puzzles, puppets, trays:

x week • preschool - 02

x week • preschool - 01

x week • preschool - 07


shells in the water table with our playmobil ship from home (we even made the water salty, though i don’t know if anyone realized it!):

x week • preschool - 14x week • preschool - 06IMG_7455

and for the first time ever, we rigged up a sail for our rocking boat turned pirate ship!!!

by the end of the week we added a flag that would actually blow when the boat got a-rockin’.

why, oh why, have we not done this before!

5 thoughts on “x is for x week props

  1. Today I was at the door greeting my kids as they came in the classroom when the shriek of, “TEACHER!!” was heard. I turned to the sound and saw that water was gushing out of the bottom of the sand & water table. I yelled, “Who pulled the plug?” as I dashed for the bucket. The answer was no one! After years of use our sand table cracked in the corner. I suspect one of the boys that was playing there hit the table with the egg beater, but I let it slide. Good thing it’s just water! Since we have carpet, I’m sure it will be a few days till it’s dry.
    Your sand table pic made me remember how my day started :)


    1. ha! what a way to start the day!

      its a good reminder to me that instead of those things happening because of someone, they often happen by true accident!

      : )



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