t is for treasure maps

well, why haven’t we done THIS before?!?!?

treasure maps - 01

what a hit.  when paper is crumpled and then flattened and then painted on with coffee (freshly made or leftover), a wonderfully old looking piece of paper is created!  it is a little more impressive when an actual coffee cup is used and even more impressive yet when the coffee is still hot and even MORE impressive yet when your teachers are drinking out of matching coffee cups!

treasure maps - 08

the next day the papers were dry and ready to draw on.

treasure maps - 07

treasure maps - 09

it was also nice to have a “compass rose artist” in the room one day.

treasure maps - 10

later in the week we added pre-drawn treasure maps from on line to crumple and paint.

treasure maps - 03

treasure maps - 02

hanging them to dry with fans was helpful.

treasure maps - 04

stay tuned to see if those maps helped us find our treasure!  AAAAARGH!!!

6 thoughts on “t is for treasure maps

  1. Fantastic idea I was thinking you could find some golden nuggets at a creek and hide them in a container of sand/sandpit and have a related treasure map for the children to search for the nuggets of gold. Or perhaps fossicking for gold nuggets could be a teachable moment if you have some resources. You could face paint the children with pirate masks and make paper hats.



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