g is for {preschool} graduation {celebration}

through the eyes of some preschool families i offer you a glimpse into our final celebration as a preschool!

via ethan’s mama:

via abram‘s mama and daddy (and click over there to see more photos):

children were offered the gift of sunglasses again so they could “hide because we might be nervous or feel weird with all those people looking at us.”

it is hard to put into words what a difference it makes to have a good co-worker.  we laughed, we got messy, we worked hard, we kept each other accountable, we had inside jokes, we remained determined to be friendly and loving.

May 11 - 142

our families will get together soon to celebrate the year.

May 11 - 137

my heart feels full and empty at the same time today.

my mom is here and she helped me shut things down for summer.  i think the church basement looks sad and empty.  but in a few short months we’ll be crowded and happy again. blessed be…all of it.

9 thoughts on “g is for {preschool} graduation {celebration}

  1. What a nice celebration! We have 5 more weeks, but I’m already thinking about my annual cry at our end of the year celebration. Have a wonderful summer collecting ideas for next year!


  2. Congratulations on another great year. Our last day is May 27th, with the 4s celebration on the 31st. We have a page on facebook now if you want to come “like” us!!


  3. Thank you, thank you to you and Mr. Rob! We are all so lucky! Loved this post, got me choked up! I looove the reason for the sunglasses!!


  4. Thank you for sharing your year with me. I have used some of your ideas and plan on using more of them. You are an amazing teacher and only wish we could have more teachers like you. I hope your families know how blessed they are to have you teach their kids. Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer. I am looking forward to your next school year.



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