p is for photographer field trip

we had the opportunity to go downtown to ethan’s mama’s photography studio.  we peeked in prairie harvest, healthy baby and pages, rode the old elevator, heard the old wooden floor creak beneath our feet, looked down on main street from the second floor, looked up at the high ceilings…



she planned a cardboard camera craft and we ate a snack in the studio (and the waiting room and the hallway and even in the bathroom).  her patience for a bunch of preschoolers running amuck was impressive!  we each had our photo taken and there were group photos taken.  the group photos are ones i can’t wait to see.





the room was dark until the big lights went on!


(it may go without saying, but all photos from this point on are from the professional photographer herself!)


with our cardboard cameras we had fun taking ms. kathy’s picture too!

before we went home we did a little main street window shopping…a lost art, in my opinion.  we played i spy in the display windows of the thrift shop, an office supply store older than everyone’s grandparents, ten thousand villages (where “we can’t go in because my mom says i’ll break something”), the jewelry shop, the bead store (that is now closed much to the sadness of many)…

thank you, ethan’s mama, for a new experience!  and thank you, ethan, for sharing your mama!

6 thoughts on “p is for photographer field trip

  1. Can you direct me in the way of some good preschool blogs? I already read yours from beginning to end! Love the free exploration and learning that occurs! I am a first grade teacher looking forward to spending the summer with my 3 year old and am looking for clever ideas to teach him things!


    1. there is a great list that i read through every morning. i think i should post them on my sidebar again…it’s been awhile!

      check back over there soon.



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