t is for two thousand eleven – two thousand twelve school year

i know some families are looking in this space for information about next year…here is some!

this will stay up there alongside other information too.  watch your email for a letter of confirmation including tuition information in the next couple of weeks.

w is for water play extravaganza

last day of school water play! - 02
the last days meant we hauled everything out for water play.
we used our rocking boat as a road blocker.
we used the curb edge of our dead end driveway for a river.
we used any sticks and gravel we could find for a dam.
we used the dammed water for a jumping hole.
we used our gutter and bench for a waterfall.
we took turns with the hose.
if i could have my dream preschool,
there would be thirteen hoses
(using recycled water, of course).

last day of school water play! - 13last day of school water play! - 12last day of school water play! - 03last day of school water play! - 08last day of school water play! - 09last day of school water play! - 06last day of school water play! - 10last day of school water play! - 11last day of school water play! - 07last day of school water play! - 01last day of school water play! - 05

everytime i do this kind of all-out water play,
i think i should be more intentional about planning for it.
{getting extra clothes, finding towels, taking shoes off, etc.}
it is a good time.

w is for winnipeg children’s garden

updated:  so, while it may not be the same,
it looks like we’ll have a children’s garden
a little closer than manitoba!  thanks, mel, for the tip!

:: :: :: ::

if you live in winnipeg, you’ve probably been here.
if you don’t, you’ll wish you could go.
on our trip to visit my grandparents this summer we visited
the newly opened winnipeg children’s garden.
we had a lot of fun as a family,
but i couldn’t stop thinking of how much
my preschoolers would love this place.
so, we took pictures for you:

winnipeg children's garden - 29

it was dreamy.
child friendly from the front door.

winnipeg children's garden - 31

it had a balance of natural and high tech play spaces.
foam surfaces and water wheels.
trees to climb and swings that can hold 8 kids.
hills to climb with and without foot holds.
slides and willow tunnels.
drums and banging walls.

winnipeg children's garden - 01winnipeg children's garden - 03winnipeg children's garden - 24winnipeg children's garden - 25winnipeg children's garden - 22winnipeg children's garden - 23winnipeg children's garden - 21winnipeg children's garden - 19winnipeg children's garden - 20winnipeg children's garden - 16winnipeg children's garden - 17winnipeg children's garden - 14winnipeg children's garden - 15winnipeg children's garden - 13winnipeg children's garden - 05
winnipeg children's garden - 12winnipeg children's garden - 11winnipeg children's garden - 10winnipeg children's garden - 06winnipeg children's garden - 08winnipeg children's garden - 07winnipeg children's garden - 27
winnipeg children's garden - 30
winnipeg children's garden - 04

oh, my dear preschoolers:
we would have so. much. fun. here!

winnipeg children's garden - 02

we’ll just have to see how much we can create in our own space!

winnipeg children's garden - 28

f is for fathers

we don’t have a year-round preschool,
but if we did, you know we’d have sent home
a token of love for all the dads.

we’d probably have had quite a bit of baby play too…
with water and easy-to-move strollers involved
in hopes of getting all kids to participate.

we’d have practiced writing
the satisfying word “DAD” and drawing hearts.
who knows, maybe we would have even used
real man perfume to sprtiz on a card?

maybe we would have done some shaving cream play?

maybe we’d make repurposed neck tie snakes?

or a little photo puzzle to do together?

or get really ambitious and make a pinball machine?

or maybe we’d have you in for some bacon mancakes (?!?!?!?)

i’d want to make a “that’s what s/he said book
for you of all the cute things your preschooler has said.

but i’m pretty sure we’d make you all
supersized rainbow collage ties to wear.
i can’t even find a photo on line of what i have in mind….
i think next year i might have to have
a get-ready-for-father’s-day at preschool.

to all you dads:  i genuinely hope you felt honored today…and as alive as a rainbow.

:: :: :: :: :: ::

all images from pinterest

c is for {we were up a} creek


our final field trip of the year was with gabe’s mama who does water education stuff.  yeehaw!


we met at our local sand creek trail, heard about what we might find and why we might find it…


then walked down the path to find the water!


with so many adults, there were no boundaries needed.


it was a glorious free for all!


some people didn’t get wet, though.  : )



there was a lot of counting of heads and calls for who knows where so and so is and then a quick run ahead to make sure said so and sos were actually there.


i imagine there was some good sleeping afterwards!


thank you, gabe, for sharing your mama!  thank you, ms. libby, for sharing your time and love!