c is for {we were up a} creek


our final field trip of the year was with gabe’s mama who does water education stuff.  yeehaw!


we met at our local sand creek trail, heard about what we might find and why we might find it…


then walked down the path to find the water!


with so many adults, there were no boundaries needed.


it was a glorious free for all!


some people didn’t get wet, though.  : )



there was a lot of counting of heads and calls for who knows where so and so is and then a quick run ahead to make sure said so and sos were actually there.


i imagine there was some good sleeping afterwards!


thank you, gabe, for sharing your mama!  thank you, ms. libby, for sharing your time and love!


3 thoughts on “c is for {we were up a} creek

  1. We have a “park” much like this one. I had not thought before of showing them things they might see. What is it that you have in your “book” that you are showing them? I would love to see it.


    1. not so glorious?

      not the free for all you wanted?

      i think your sweet guy was the essence of FREE FOR ALL!!!

      oh, wait, you had to take a cold and wet norah home, didn’t you?



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