l is for lesson planning

i spend time each day gathering ideas…and instead of notes on paper or files on my desktop…i’m pinning them.  there is good stuff out there. not a day too soon.   i’m loving it.  let me know if you’re doing it too!

8 thoughts on “l is for lesson planning

  1. this is amazing……i could spend hours with this!! I GASPED out loud when I saw your #13 on Happy!! I totally forgot all about these, I am 36 years old and I think I may have to dig in my parent’s store room this weekend, I had so many of these. Isn’t that weird, how you can completely forget about something? The kids would love these…….this could turn into a great project!


  2. This is a great idea, love it. I always copy and paste websites with ideas in an email draft to keep but this is a lot better. Thank you for sharing this tool.
    Anne (teacher, mom and children’s book store owner ;-)


  3. You know I am…we have been pinning ideas from each other all week :) I told someone today that I am going to have to keep my class an hour longer each day this year because I have so many new ideas from Pinterest and teaching blogs that I have to fit in!



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