d is for donut shop field trip

donut field trip - 15

just a block down the street from our photography studio field trip, another class took a trip to the local donut shop.  just like our other trips, mr rob and i appreciated all the extra grown ups along!

donut field trip - 07donut field trip - 12donut field trip - 13donut field trip - 06donut field trip - 04donut field trip - 02

donut field trip - 10

donut field trip - 16
donut field trip - 05

when it wasn’t your turn to take a tour, it was your turn to eat a fresh donut!  i had prepped the preschoolers ahead of time that we would drink water even though there is juice and milk for sale.  but much to our surprise, they gave us juice!

donut field trip - 03donut field trip - 01

we learned a lot of things:  every donut is made by hand, the donuts are made in the middle of the night, the milk comes on a truck, donuts are cooked in a hot thing, there is steam to make some donuts, donuts get covered with icing and then the extra icing is used for other donuts, some donuts are cut by hand with a knife, some donuts have sprinkles.

donut field trip - 09

thank you, drubers donut shop, for a wonderful field trip.  you made a lot of smiles!

donut field trip - 11

donut field trip - 14

hmmmmm…now i want a donut.  if i wait 3 more hours i can go get a fresh late night one…

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