s is for shed moving!

this is a fantastic group of people.
people who respond to a request for help.
i got many, many emails of ideas and offers,
well wishes and few silly notions.
in then end, it only took a few grown ups,
a bunch of kids and the right tools
to get the shed up the hill.

(and i know my husband was grateful not to be coordinating this effort. again.)





there is no doubt in my mind that children learned by watching today.
you could almost see them memorizing where the strap went,
what button was pushed, how the jack went up, why the trailer was moved.
they noticed how people held tools and jumped off the truck bed.
they watched their faces as the dads called instructions back and forth.
it was cool.


{i may have screamed a little at this point}



and now the shed is at the top of the hill,
inside our fence, next to the circle sidewalk,
ready for easy access to the bikes and big blocks,
hula hoops, plastic bones and shovels.

and now we have 3 walls (!!!) to use.
outdoor easle? more gutters? a basketball goal?


oh, thank you, families!


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