c is for caution {or celebration}

i noticed a “CAUTION CHILDREN AT PLAY” sign the other day. i thought it would be fun to have one at preschool. but then i thought about explaining the word “caution.” i get what the sign is intended for. it’s a downright good idea. it is important for people to be careful where children are playing. of course.

but i also thought about a big chunk of our society’s view of play:
as unnecessary,
as not real work,
as not real learning,
as a sign of neglect,
as something to be wary of.

none of these are new thoughts. none of these are unique to me. in fact, the conversation can get kind of boring. yet as i prepare to start a year with a stated goal of “better preparing children for kindergarten,” i don’t want to forget the necessity of play. it is cause to celebrate!

so, i made my own sign.

:: :: :: ::

UPDATED:  go ahead and print a copy if you like…celebrate play!

25 thoughts on “c is for caution {or celebration}

  1. i’ll be working with signs and children this year as the theme for a large school wide project. thank you for setting the bar high! r.


  2. Brilliant! Absolutely wonderful!

    My only criticism (?) is, “Why should we limit it to children playing?” As an over-serious adult I need a reminder to celebrate PEOPLE (myself included) playing.

    Thank you for the reminder. Now, break out the sidewalk chalk and get back to “work!”


    1. awesome! yes!

      oh, towanda…it seems i had a childhood friend from there…i grew up south of chicago.

      eager to read more of your blog too!


  3. That is awesome! I remember once when I worked in art therapy and a doctor said disdainfully that sending a client to creative arts (where I worked) was basically a waste of therapeutic time because it was like sending them to camp. And I thought — and that’s a bad thing? Camp is good — you relax, make new friends, learn new skills, PLAY, and have FUN! How is that bad???


    1. when i hear things like that, i usually feel overwhelmed by the idea…but print yourself a copy! : )

      thanks for the kindness.


  4. I totally agree with you – we should celebrate children at play. It’s the way they learn and discover. I love to see kids at play.

    (I thought of another way to interpret “caution.” Caution: Children at Play – be careful and don’t interrupt it or squelch it.)



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