a is for apple


just when you thought the apple fun was over, we had more!


just like our individual apple pies, we made a huge one for our classroom (with left over paint from our little ones).


IMG_0851 - Version 2

i love, love, love seeing a little mouth bite into a big apple.


some kids brought their own apples for show and tell, we had extras for anyone else who wanted one.


and here is the way i lesson plan:

i’ve tried lists and forms, blocks and columns…and all of those end up looking like this.

we’re on to B week, lesson plans already scratched through and added on to…yeehaw!

7 thoughts on “a is for apple

  1. Oh I feel better now! I’ve tried every form imaginable and finally decided that I was lesson plan challenged and needed some sort of intervention program! LOL Your “plan” still looks better than mine but I think the trick might be to switch to pencil so I can clean them up a little:-)



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